Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Postcards from Heaven!

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Postcards from Heaven!

My name is David Nebinski. And, I got the best Christmas present this year.

Backstory - I lost my Dad, Stan Nebinski, on my birthday in 2006. I had to grow up very quickly.

(hashtag)Team Nebinski eventually gave me and family an outlet. Special thanks to the O’Neill family.

Christmas Eve and now Christmas Day have been particularly special for the last three years.

In 2015, I visited the local cemetery by myself on Christmas Eve.

While standing in front of my Dad, I smelled cigar smoke waffling from two people a few hundred feet away. I. Know. That. Smell.

And it immediately reminded me of my Dad --- known as the cigar guy in Great Falls.

I felt engulfed in unexpected joy by this. So, I walked over to the two people and started talking. A vibrant bond and connection was formed.

It happened to be a teacher from my high school.

At home, I told my family. They couldn’t believe it.

My brother in-law's parents immediately said “that’s…. a postcard from heaven!”

Each Christmas year since, David and the new friends either unexpectedly meet or visit each other’s mourned grave site.

This year, in walking up to my Dad’s grave after Christmas Mass, I saw an image from a distance.

A cigar laid on my Dad’s headstone. My jaw dropped.

These friends had left it for me, my Dad, and family. They wanted to leave this gift in case I came today - the day after they were there. It sure was a gift … a postcard from heaven.

After each gathering, we say – “let's stay in touch and try to email.” But to no avail :)

So, here I am to say “thanks”. Thank you Dr. Michelle Norell and John Norel

To more postcards from heaven.

David Nebinski

Reston (Where Mom Lives)