Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Taxes Are Not Thievery

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Taxes Are Not Thievery

In regards to Mr. Decker's letter (“Tax Cut Good for Families Like Mine, Connection, July 25-31,2018), as voters we should demand our taxes be used in a wise and accountable manner. And, to that end, we have the right to hold our elected officials to that task. However, taxes are not thievery from citizens' pockets, but instead insurance for society. Taxes pay for teachers, first responders, snow removal, and roadway maintenance to name just a few important uses. Cutting taxes constricts the availability of funds for vital community needs. I hope Mr. Decker intends on using his pocketed cash for buying educational instruction for his children, a home defense program, and a snow shovel to clear his street after the next storm because those are the coffers from which the money to line his pockets will be taken. I for one would rather pay some for excellent community services rather than rely all on my own bank account. So, I will be voting for State Senator Jennifer Wexton to replace the fiscally irresponsible Rep. Barbara Comstock.

Margaret Woldin

Great Falls